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Faun Bier

Faun Bier is a purely organic brewery, the qualityand proximity to our raw materials arekey tothequality of Faun Beer. The Malt, Faunusedfor production comes from southern Germany (Bavaria)from a traditional malthouse with various organic and Demeter varieties.All hops usedtocome from organic farming, mostly from Switzerland. In addition, yeasts are GMO-free.Within Faun Beer nouseany additives in the form of clarifying agents, pH acids,or similar and doesnot add any industrial carbonic acid to our beer.

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Egger Bier

Egger Bierbrew beers only with top-quality hops, malt, yeast, and water.The latter comes from their spring, which Gottfried Egger bought, and which still provides the brewery with excellent water quality till today–along with the art of brewing, one of the most important prerequisites for the good taste of our beers.

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Brauwerkstatt Doppelleu

Brauwerkstatt Doppelleu has been decorated respectively with the world beer award which makes them distinguished outstanding. Doppelleu does not simply rest on their success and does continuously widen their portfolio, so a part of an excellent brewery Doppelleu is also a producer of a fine selection of wine and spirits.They are constantly diversifying their portfolio, which is also including wine, spirit, and beer.

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